8 JUNE – 15 JUNE

Yoga in Dordogne, France

I am thrilled to be returning to this wonderful venue. The rooms are extremely comfortable, there is indoor and outdoor yoga space (I will never forget our outdoor yoga sessions awash with birdsong and the scent of lavender), a swimming pool and we will have the most wonderful locally-grown healthy food prepared for us.

Last time we had wine tasting, market visits, a canoe trip on the Dordogne, and the best treatments with Neals Yard therapist trainer Vicky Koffman who I’m bringing out again. And it’s a really easy flight to Bergerac with RyanAir.



I became serious about my yoga practise in the late 90’s when I was starting to feel worn out by my previous life in the music industry. I quickly came to realise that this was more than a 2/3 times weekly therapeutic escape from my career and deepened my practice, whilst applying for teacher training. During the time of my training with Brian Cooper and Nawajyot of Union Yoga, Edinburgh, I assisted my teacher at that time, Laurel Sutherland in the morning Mysore class at Triyoga, Primrose Hill.

Those 18 months under Laurel’s guidance were invaluable, as she gave me the opportunity to learn from her the hands on adjusting that I think makes you as a teacher. Working as an apprentice to your teacher is traditionally how it is done and I think that the “teacher training” business has
become so commercialised these days.

Anyway, I began teaching friends/family, then gyms etc. and trained to teach children. These days I work mainly at Triyoga, London which is Europe’a largest yoga centre as well as privately and corporately. I teach workshops at The Place, Euston monthly with my dear friend and teaching partner Cassandra Tyler, as well as regular workshops in Lymington, Hants and run regular yoga weekends in the New Forest.

I mentor students that are in teacher training programmes and consider myself an eternal student too. In addition to the yoga alliance qualification I am certified to teach children and have been Reiki 1 and 2 attuned and have studied with many fantastic teachers (outside those on my “inspirations” page) including Dharma Mittra, Anna Forest and Matthew Sweeney.


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