Jennifer Lovely Yoga Retreat France

12 October – 19 October


Join hosts Jennifer Lovely & Mollie Blades

For seven unforgettable days, you will forget your busy life of schedules and deadlines and enter a world of calm and meaningful being.  A world where nothing but the sound of your breath, the laughs of new and old friends and a renewed sense of self are the only things that matter. For 7 days, you treat your mind, body and soul to the love and freedom it deserves.


pilates retreat


Yoga Teacher, Certified Pilates Teacher Personal + Professional Coach | Mom | Curious about Life + other humans | Excited by possibility | Enjoys teetering into the unknown with travel (that is how she found Chateau De Bardouly)!


Designer + Artist + Gardener | Devoted to family, friends, health, happiness + harmony | Lifetime of travel, half a lifetime of yoga + Pilates | Known for her open, flexible, loving nature, wisdom + style.


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